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THC 21%, CBD 0.7%, INDICA 60%#, SATIVA 40%



Powerful hybrid with 60% indica on 40% sativa. It is firmly a member of the OG family, with XXX OG and Alpha OG being its parent strains. The result is a strain that has managed to retain many of the effects that make OG such a popular group of strains around the world. Godfather OG’s aroma and flavor profile also very much fit what you would expect from a member of the OG family.

This strain has become one of the most popular strains in Southern California due to its potency and the deep sense of relaxation that it offers.

It also has an innicial effect which is very much focused on lifting your mood and clearing your mind, leaving you free from negative thoughts and worries and instead free to fully enjoy the effects of the strain, Godfather OG moving from a peaceful, happy state to a true sense of euphoria.

This strain also has a particularly pungent aroma, one that you can’t help but notice as you get close to it such that as you break the bud open and really try to inhale its aroma, its scent develops and matures, becoming more pronounced and noticeable. The pine within the aroma becomes stronger, smelling very much like its OG parents.

The initial flavour matches with its aroma. The initial burst of flavor that you get from first inhaling this dark, richly flavored smoke is surprisingly woody and pine-like, tasting very much like many other OG strains.

Godfather OG plants have typically large buds, like many other strains within the OG family, but this strain has a few extra differences that separate it from its parents.

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