Do Good Dispensary is a team of medical marijuana growers, suppliers and caregivers originating from northern California. We started as a door to door delivery service that covers the part of northern California and some parts of Colorado. Then, we use to deliver to small quantities to patients and recreational users for a small donation fee, many patients began relying on us for their frequent medical needs this made us grow more and acquire more grow houses in three other states. Arizona, Washington, Oregon etc.

Now, Do Good Dispensary Agents are available in many states and can provide medical assistance to patients, brokers, dispensaries, retailers and delivery services. We have over 35,000 subscribers relying on us for their medical needs.

We own and run our own business, we are the most reputable suppliers of super pungent, frosty and tasty marijuana strains and other high-quality marijuana products. If you have been in search of bulk medical marijuana, moon rocks, concentrates, live resin and oil then do not search anymore, we have the solution here.

We have multiple units, hps, and qps ready to go at very affordable donation prices. We have many properly grown, cured and medically tested strains, real top shelf; girl scout cookies, white rhino, gorilla glue, bruce banner, sour diesel, Maui waui, God’s gift and more… Clean shatter, wax and crumble all hash oil and Co2 extracted. Full packs of 500mg and 1000 mg cartridges are available.
We have set up an effective and efficient delivery system that covers most parts of the US. We deliver to many states. All transactions are 100% discreet and safe, straightforward and successful.